Corporate Retreats & Meetings

The Concept

Corporate Retreats

Owners and employees of Small Businesses benefit from time together: a Retreat - away from the stress and pressure of the actual work environment. Retreats are a specific undistracted opportunity to review progress, identify solutions to challenges as well as develop a common sense of purpose, loyalty and camaraderie. So, what better a Retreat than a rewarding day aboard our exciting Island Chill powerboat, Irie Vibes, with discussions at a calm anchorage over a custom menu to reinvigorate everyone's passion for your business!

Business Meetings

Some routine business meetings are more important than others - perhaps a new member has joined the team, or maybe an important client needs particular attention beyond the obligatory dinner. A cruise meeting aboard an Island Chill boat will emphasize the importance of your meeting. It can motivationally define how much fun and rewarding a company is to work for and with, and create appreciation for being associated with such an innovative and creative enterprise. It's also a sign of respect to valued employees, business partners and clients. Importantly, the enhanced value of the time together motivates participants to reach beneficial arrangements and conclusions for your company.

The Experience

We've successfully used this timetable and itinerary for Retreats and Meetings before. But feel free to request specific modifications, especially for simple meetings with a shorter time requirements - perhaps morning or afternoon only? Island Chill itineraries are very flexible.

1, Welcome Buffet Breakfast, Orientation and Departing Port - 8:30 am

We welcome you aboard our 34-ft powerboat, Irie Vibes, and introduce our Captain and Cruise Director, and serve a buffet breakfast. We cast off to enjoy the exhilarating journey down the South River to our anchorage on the gorgeous Rhode River or Harness Creek (shorter meetings).

2, Anchor on the Rhode River and Begin Your Meeting - 9:30 am

We'll leave you undisturbed, but always ready to serve coffee, tea and refreshing drinks.

3. Lunch - 12:30 pm

Time for a break. We'll serve you a catered custom lunch.

4. Continue your meeting - 1:30 pm

Sorry - time to begin your work again! We'll leave you undisturbed, but with coffee, tea and refreshing drinks always available when you need to take a break.

5. Weight Anchor - 4:00 pm

Our Captain and Cruise Director will make the boat shipshape to return home. A relaxed cruise and sightseeing tour of the Thomas Point Lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay and South River takes us home - an opportunity to consolidate your relationships and gains.

6. Arrive Back in Port - 4:45 pm

The Outcome

Our goal is to facilitate the purpose of your meeting through creating an ideal environment for productive discussions and decisions. Once your team returns to work and the relationship with your clients is continued, your memorable time together aboard will maximize the impact of your decisions, resulting in increased commitment and invigorating action.


Before You Call…

In order to help us tailor your trip to best suit your needs, please have in mind the following information:

  • What date do you have in mind? (Mon - Fri 9:30 am - 5:30 p.m; 2 - 6 persons). 
  • Do you have any catering or beverage requests? view menu
  • Do you have any destination requests: specific anchorages or restaurant stopovers? 
  • What are your goals for the meeting that we can contribute to?

Call 410-212-4476 or Contact us. Our program coordinator will gladly talk to you about your specific needs.

We look forward to planning the event with you and your group!