Island Chill Menu

From succulent appetizers to scrumptious buffet meals, your Island Chill sales agent will help you choose the perfect accompaniment to your private cruise. All food selections are served either chilled or room temperature during your charter.

Specialty Meal

Cheese and Crackers  | Tropical Fruit Dish | Mash Potatoes

Jerk Chicken Wing | Salmon | Crab | Cucumber

Asian Chicken Wing | Lamb Chops | Steak

Boat & Breakfast 

Omelette  | Eggs | Pan cake

Salmon Omelette | Toast bread | Fruits

Tea bag | Coffee

**Enjoy delighted breakfast on us! Check out our Boat & Breakfast package.

Signature Drinks

10 oz Size Glass (non alcoholic) 

Sunny Frost | Fresh Lemonade

Tropical Splash

Pineapple Juice | Orange Juice | Grenadine

Complimentary pink 'champagne' (celebration packages)

Includes A Keepsake Beer Koozie



Crabs (1 dozen steamed maryland crab)  : $40

Jerk chicken (12 wings)  : $20

Asian chicken (12 wings)  : $20

Salmon: $14

Lamb chops: $14

Steak: $16

Cheese and cracker tray : FREE

Pink 'champagne' : FREE (birthdays, anniversaries...)

Sunny frost : $3 cup

Boat & Breakfast: catered by our cook aboard.


*Menu is subject to change. Please ask your booking agent for our current offerings and preorder meal at least 3 days prior to cruise. Lets chat!.