Island Chill Yacht Charters (ICYC)

& Chesapeake Bay Yacht Charters (CBYC)

'To Bring People Together to Create Memories and Strengthen Friendships & Family Connections'

Our Companies

Island Chill Yacht Charters was inspired in 2015 at a Jamaican beach-front resort where the staff created memories of a true 'Island' experience: friendly, Irie hospitality on a tropical coral-sand beach, warm breezes across turquoise Caribbean waters and 'Chill' approach to life. With this theme, we began in 2016 as a sailboat venue for photoshoots and music videos, and quickly evolved as a Friends and Families charter boat company with our expanding fleet. We blend 'Island Chill' hospitality and a 'Relaxing-Excitement' brand experience to our sail and powerboat cruises with the backdrop of Mid-Atlantic summers, wildlife and Chesapeake Bay history. With our relocation to 'The Marina' at 1444 Shore Drive, we've take advantage of the increase in space and dock facilities to expand our Decoration Packages and water toy portfolio.   

Chesapeake Bay Yacht Charters follows from our certification in 2020 and 2023 by the Maryland Department of Tourism and the National Park Service as an official 'Chesapeake Bay Storyteller'. While we have always folded Chesapeake Bay Stories into our charters, we now have specialized cruises for Friends, Families and Kids who have a strong interest in Chesapeake Bay History, Ecology, Wildlife, and Stewardship. 'Relaxing Adventure'! Check out our Storyteller Charter Descriptions or call (410) 212-4476 for details. We have also reinvigorated our unique Aqua Creative Studios component for photo and video shoots aboard. 

So, now meet our enthusiastic and experienced CREW!