2-Boat Party!

12-Guests, 2-Boats, 1 Raft-up Party!

'Experience Sail & Power-boating In 1 Charter'

Bring Friends and Family for one of our famous 2-Boat Raft-Up Parties, for up to 12-guests. Half-Day, Full-Day and Sunset options. Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, CelebrationsCorporate Events.

Event Description: Activities include cruising the South River tributaries, Thomas Point Lighthouse, and wild-life tours and a raft-up anchor party in Harness Creek or Glebe Bay.

Cruise Inclusive: Crew, fuel, sodas, water, bluetooth speaker, paddle boards & lily pad.

What to Bring: Drinks, picnic basket, cooler with ice (not heavy, please!), sunscreen and towels!

Capacity: Up to 12 guests on our 2 Boat Raft-up Parties (Call before Booking).

Sail-E-Bration Package: Red carpet entrance, balloons, banners and more! (Call to order).

Please Review: Booking/Reschedule/Cancellation/Refund Policy - Safety Policy - Weather Policy - Motion Sickness Policy - Smoking/Lighters Policy - Alcohol/Food Policy - Bathroom/Down-Below Policy - Black-Soled Shoes Policy - FAQs



Cruise Itinerary

  • 15 mins before cruise: Group meets at Londontowne Marina to check in & complete cruise waivers
  • Set sail in 2 groups
    • Group A Irie Vibes Powerboat: Wild-life tour, South River cruise then to Harness Creek or Glebe Bay
    • Group B Therapy Sailboat: Sail to the South River then anchor Harness Creek or Glebe Bay
  • Both boats raft-up at anchor to enjoy paddle boards, lily pad, swimming, dining & partying!
  • On the Full-day tour, there is the option to visit the Rhode River and its island and sand bar.
  • Group returns on alternate boat
    • Group A Therapy Sailboat:Sail back to port
    • Group B Irie Vibes Powerboat: South River cruise then to the Londontowne Marina
  • Dock at homeport. 'We hope to see you again!'

2-BOAT PRICES – Half- and-Full Day (Up to 12 Guests)




Irie Vibes AND Therapy


3 Hours

9:00 - Noon


Irie Vibes AND Therapy



1:00 - 5:00


Irie Vibes AND Therapy


3 Hours

5:30 - 8:30


Irie Vibes AND Therapy

Morning - Afternoon

7.5 Hours

9:00 - 4:30


Irie Vibes AND Therapy

Afternoon - Sunset

7.5 Hours

1:00 - 8:30