ICYC: Safety Policy

We have never had an accident on any of our charters. We intend to keep it that way.

Our fantastic Crew and protocols exist primarily for your safety, their safety, other boaters' safety and our vessels' safety. Key Word: 'Safety'. All our Captains carry at least a 50-Ton Master's Captains Licenses issued by the United States Coast Guard. We are proud to say that some of our Captains also attended the United States Naval Academy here in Annapolis, as well as United States Merchant Marine Academies. Our Captains and Crew also have attended skill courses given by the Annapolis School of Seamanship and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, and many are life-long boaters. While on your cruise, we are glad to inform you of the safety rules and skills we employ; we may even perform a 'Man Overboard Drill' (with a cushion :-0) ) - kids love it! 

AdultsWe follow all safety requirements issued by the United States Coast Guard and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, many of which are outlined in the following documents: USCG Navigation Rules, USCG Abbreviated, MD-DNR Rules. In particular, we carry all the safety gear required by law, including life jackets, sound producing devices, pyrotechnic signals, communication equipment and fire extinguishers. We also have additional equipment, including tethers, throwable and other rescue devices. Please do not hesitate to ask for life jackets if you like - we often wear self-inflating life-vests ourselves, as it is not impossible to fall overboard. We gently monitor our guests motion and balance capabilities, and any level of alcohol intake, and make discrete suggestions accordingly.

ChildrenIn accordance with State Regulations, we require all guests under the age of 13-years old to wear a Type-I or Type-II life jacket. While the rule allows lower grade Type-III and Type-IV jackets to be used, we insist on the higher safety stipulation. While we provide these jackets, feel free to bring your own, provided they have the official stamp of 'Type-I or Type-II' on them. We require that children continue to wear life jackets while paddle boarding, noodling or swimming. We prefer that Adolescents follow the same requirements, and may insist depending on weather and water conditions, but this is generally a parental call. Please err on the side of caution - we do, always.

Welcome Aboard!