How to Book

Welcome to Island Chill Yacht Charters, 2024!

'To Bring People Together to Create Memories and Strengthen Friendships & Family Connections'

We'll meet you our new location: 'The Marina': 1444 Shore Drive, Edgewater MD 21037! 

How to Book:

Basically, choose your boat, date, time and duration. Click the 'Book Your Charter' tab and locate your choice. Complete the reservation with a credit card. We'll send an email confirmation with additional details within 24 hours. Or, feel free to call (410) 212-4476 or email so we can book and fulfill additional requests.


'Guests': For Family, Friends and Couples choose your 'Boat' (up to 6-Guests): Therapy (sailboat), Irie Vibes (powerboat) or Tallawah (powerboat). Decide on the 'Cruise': Half-Day (Morning or Afternoon), Sunset, or Full-day (am-pm or pm-Sunset), Full Moon Rising, Night Owl Party. Go ahead and book.

'Occasions': For Birthdays, Anniversaries, Bachelorette Parties and Graduations, add the decoration package check-out and book. For Mother's Day, Father's Day and July 4th, the Decoration Package is included so just book for that date and time. 

'National Events' and 'Specialty' Charters: consult the relevant page for itineraries, destinations and activities, and book the specific charter on that date. 

'Story Teller' Charters: choose either the Natural History or Chesapeake Bay History charter (call to book the combination or 7 h option), choose an available date and time, and then book. 

'Corporate' Charters: - Please call or email so we all can develop the cruise format, activities, destinations and budget.

'Aqua Creative Studios': photo and video shoots: Please call or email so we can develop the format, activities, destinations and budget.

'Custom': requests: Please call or email so we can develop the cruise format, activities, destinations and budget.

Please Review: Booking/Reschedule/Cancellation/Refund Policy - Safety Policy - Weather Policy - Motion Sickness Policy - Smoking/Lighters Policy - Alcohol/Food Policy - Bathroom/Down-Below Policy - Black-Soled Shoes Policy - FAQs

Up to 6 guests


Up to 6 guests

Up to 4 guests


- - - 

Up to 12 guests