ICYC: Bathroom – Below Deck Policy

At this point you may be thinking: 'Seriously?! 'Seriously?!!! These guys have a bathroom and going down below policy!? 

Well, actually, yes..., based on past experience, we have to. Please follow the following instructions without exception. Thank you.

The 'Head' - i.e. Toilet

A boat isn't a floating house. The toilet is call a 'Head', because in the old days, it was at the bow, front or 'Head' of the boat. Today, not so. Modern heads are more sophisticated, but nowhere near the same as a toilet in your house.

On Therapy, flushing is by you pumping a handle to pull water from the Chesapeake Bay into the bowl and then keep pumping to empty it into a storage tank. These pipes are very narrow and are easily clogged. On Irie Vibes, the intake water comes from a tank aboard and the bowl is emptied by a 12-volt vacuum system through pipes and valves that are even more easily clogged than those on Therapy. Emphasis on both boats: 'Easily Clogged'. FYI: We empty the tanks at a marine 'Pump-Out Station', regulated and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Maryland Division of Natural Resources. The Bay is protected.

There's no delicate way to say this but only 'biological stuff from you' plus a minimum amount of toilet tissue that dissolves in water which we provide in plastic bags is the ONLY acceptable things that can be flushed by the head. To be clear, NO tampons, paper towels, wipes or wrappers are to be flushed through the head. Any clogged systems must be cleared either by us, at a cost to you of $800. It is not fun and we expect an additional $500 tip...

'Below Deck'

Please help us minimize spills onto the carpet or upholstery as the boats tend to get rolled (pitch, yaw and roll). Please ask the crew to help you store food and drink on the secure pad. Do NOT not place anything on the tables or couches as they will invariably be tossed off onto the floor.

Also, please do not lie or place anything on the bunks. Bunks are for overnight guests only. Please have a look at the Motion Sickness Policy too.

Welcome Aboard!