ICYC: Alcohol – Food Policy


A 'Daily Tot' of alcohol has been given to British sailors for hundreds of years - a mixture of Rum, water (for hydration) and lime juice (to ward off vitamin C deficiency). So, you are welcome to bring alcohol aboard - of course the crew will not imbibe. Please remember: alcohol is a challenge to safety in terms of personal balance and occasional irrational behavior - not a good combination aboard a boat. Please, consider your level of intake accordingly. A 'Round of Shots' is strongly discouraged! We must have a policy that inebriation and impairment, especially if accompanied by dangerous or threatening behavior, will result in the immediate return of the boat(s) to port and a mandatory report to the United States Coast Guard. It's never happened to date and we look forward to your cooperation in keeping it that way.


Also, please minimize the amount of glass you bring aboard, as breakages are highly dangerous to bare feet, hands, blocked drains, vinyl seating, especially for children and subsequent passengers. Although we have a limited supply of plastic cups and cutlery aboard, please bring your preferred plastic champagne and wine glasses, and beer in cans. Please keep wine bottle in coolers or your bags and never placed where they can fall over.

Food - Coolers

You are welcome to bring food along and even have it delivered to the boat slip. Please note:

  • There is limited refrigeration, especially on Irie Vibes - our powerboat, so please bring your own ice and coolers - not heavy, please!
  • While there is a 120 Volt generator and microwave aboard Irie Vibes only; its use is restricted to being at anchor. While underway, both boats operate on 12 Volts. 
  • Boats are the worst place to have items on tables while underway, for obvious reasons. Please follow the crew's requirements of where to place food for storage and serving to eliminate the risk of spillage onto the seats and carpets below.

Air Conditioning

We rarely activate the air conditioners. Cruising, swimming or sitting on the swim deck with your feet dangling in the water are the best ways to stay cool! 

Sleeping Quarters

Please do not put anything on the beds below or lie down yourself - especially in situations of motion sickness. They are used for overnight guests. Please inform your children.