Welcome to Island Chill Yacht Charters, 2024!

'To Bring People Together to Create Memories and Strengthen Friendships & Family Connections'

At Island Chill Yacht Charters and Chesapeake Bay Yacht Charters we pride ourselves in Cruising Experience, Adventure, Service and Entertainment within our standard cruise options. Because we are a private and exclusive charter company, we are very happy to create custom charters - according to your needs.

So, please contact us directly by phone or email with any specific charter requests - itineraries, destinations, timetables, inclusions, particular service - we'll create your special cruise experience!

Please Review: Booking/Reschedule/Cancellation/Refund Policy - Safety Policy - Weather Policy - Motion Sickness Policy - Smoking/Lighters Policy - Alcohol/Food Policy - Bathroom/Down-Below Policy- Black-Soled Shoes Policy - FAQs



Up to 6 guests


Irie Vibes

Up to 6 guests


Up to 4 guests


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2-Boat Raft Up

Up to 12 guests