ICYC: Motion Sickness Policy

Even talking about Motion Sickness makes us Q-U-E-E-Z-Y...., but we have to do it! The good news is that in over 6-years, we have only had three cases - two of which, to be frank, seemed more alcohol-related. The good news is that Therapy is a large and very stable boat, while Irie Vibes stays mostly in the calm of the South River. Motion Sickness on ICYC is very rare. However....

Early sensations are generally too late. So, there are lots of prescription and over-the-counter medicines and devices available to take prior to your cruise to prevent motion sickness - please get them. We have none aboard.

If you are prone to motion sickness - do not go below deck into the cabin, especially on the sailboat, otherwise you most certainly will be. Visits to the head should be short. If you want us to return to port, we will (no refunds). That will take time...

If you feel sea sick - DO NOT GO BELOW DECK INTO THE CABIN. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LIE ON ANY BUNK. The best option is to sit on deck on the high side of the boat; fix your eyes on the horizon. Ice cubes and cold water might help, and not talking about feeling sick might too. If the worst comes to the worst, there is only relevant word - 'Overboard...'. 

Just to reiterate the point, anywhere inside the boats or in the cockpit/lounge areas are NOT the place to be ill. In the Charter Agreement you signed is an agreement to pay a $800 cleaning and sterilization fee - and most likely we will have to cancel the next cruise - we will charge you for that too.

Please follow these instructions without exception. Thank you.

Welcome Aboard!