Water Toys

After cruising on Irie Vibes, we generally anchor in Harness Creek (or by a 'secret beach' we know of, Shhhh!!!). On longer charters, we head for the islands and the Flat Island Sand Bar on the Rhode River. On Therapy, we generally sail, but if you request, we can anchor (particularly if the winds are light or 'kids' just want to play). Usually the water is warm by Memorial Day onwards so there's great opportunities for swimming and fun with our multiple water toys.

Paddle Boards

We have five inflatable paddle boards available (with single SUP paddles or kayak style paddles).

  • Three GoPlus 10' boards with ankle tethers, inbuilt fins and non-skid surfaces - perfect for beginners as they are maneuverable and soft if you fall on them!
  • Two AquaMarina 10' and 12' boards with ankle tethers, fin inserts and non-skid surfaces. They're flat so easy to stand on and maneuver.
  • We can attach an electric motor propulsion system.... Zoom along!

Lily Pads

It's your own private island. Between you and me, it's often a battle to get our guests to come back aboard!


Two open cockpit kayaks (By request).

How About Water Skis and Tubing?

No. We have the equipment if you'd like to rent, but because our insurance does not cover water skis and tubing, we do not do either activity with Irie Vibes. 

Floaty Thingies

Do we have Floaty Thingies? Do we have Floaty Thingies!!! A floating drinks bar, noodles (with chair) and a giant floating unicorn.



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