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Want to expand your horizons? Are you a interested in doing something different? Do you love boats and the water? Are you a tourism or entertainment major looking for an opportunity to learn how to run a small hospitality business? Or do you work in an office and simply want to get out for a while?

Island Chill Yacht Charters is now accepting applications nationwide from interns, yacht charter broker/salesman, crew-hands, influencers, promotional models, ambassadors, brand affiliates and social media gurus like YOU! Our program focuses on digital marketing for our companies and brands.


No office, no suits, no 9-5! Become an intern on our yachts.

You should
- Be at least 18 years old
- Recognise that you're doing a job, even if it sometimes feels as though you're on holiday
- Be available for at least a month
- Like working with your hands
- Have a passion for providing good service
- Speak English and ideally one or two more languages
- Be able to accept rules on board and follow the captain's orders
- Be fun to work with
- Be flexible and expect to work odd hours

We promise to
- Teach you all about sailing and life on a yacht
- Take you places on the Chesapeake you haven't been to before
- Keep you busy and make your part of the team from your very first day
- Take your ideas and suggestions seriously
- Give you an insider's view of running a small hospitality business that is essentially a entertainment venue plus water taxi


As a broker for Island Chill Yacht Charters selling customized packages on our private yachts, You will experience Historic Annapolis & the Chesapeake Bay, visit the landmarks, attend business connection events, recruit customers and keep up with market trends.
Email: for further info.


Experience the Chesapeake Bay, visit the sandbars and beaches on scheduled photoshoots, attend business events and live shows.

  • Get paid to promote our company.
  • Make %commission each time one of your friends or followers books a cruise with Island Chill Yacht Charters.
  • Gain exclusive access to photoshoots and video shoots.
  • Attend live shows, business connection events, , recruit customers.


  • As an affiliate for Island Chill Yacht Charters you will receive a special affiliate code. Make commission% every time one of your friends or followers uses your code to book & complete a Chesapeake Bay cruise on either boats Irie Vibes (34 ft powerboat) or Therapy (43-ft sailboat).
  • As incentive to book with your code, guests receives a $50 discount on charters 4hrs or more on  Irie Vibes or Therapy cruise package.
  • With the access to the internet and social media, makes it easier to work from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home.


If this is what you're looking for, tell us about yourself and send us an application to or use the form below.

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