Cruise Overview

Cruise Overview

'To Bring People Together to Create Memories, and Strengthen Friendships & Family Connections'

Chose the 'Relaxing Excitement' of sail (Therapy) or the exhilaration of our powerboat (Irie Vibes), then decide on a Half-Day (Morning, or Afternoon), Sunset or Full-day cruise for up to 6 guests. For details, click on the links in the Menu above or underlined below.

We welcome Families, Kids and Friends for just a fun get-together or a  Special Occasion cruises. We celebrate National Events, as well as present Special Tours and Corporate Retreats-and-Rewards arrangements. There's also 2-Boats Raft-Up Parties (for up to 12-guests: call to book), Overnight Boat, Bed &Breakfast (call to book), and Morning Boat & Breakfast (call to book). You can add memorable Birthday, Anniversary or Bachelorette decoration packages too (call to book). We even offer opportunities to Crew on Windy-Day sailboat expeditions (call to book). On all of our charters, you'll enjoy cruising, sight-seeing and anchoring with paddleboards, swimming, and floating lily pad, (and kayak or fishing options - call to book). Many choices - endless fun!


  • 34-ft Powerboat, Irie Vibes for Up to 6-Guests
  • 43-ft Sailboat, Therapy for Up to 6-Guests


Special Occasions:

  • 'Just a Fun Get-Together'
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Bachelorette
  • Graduation
  • Corporate Retreat
  • 2-Boat Raft-up Party! (Up to 12 guests; Call to Book) 

Cruise Inclusive: Crew, fuel, sodas, water, bluetooth speaker, paddle boards & lily pad.

What to Bring: Drinks, picnic basket, cooler with ice (not heavy, please!), sunscreen and towels!

Capacity: 6 guests per boat; 12 guest on our 2 Boat Raft-up Parties (Call before Booking).

Sail-E-Bration Package: Red carpet entrance, balloons, banners and more! (Call to order).

Please Review: Booking/Reschedule/Cancellation/Refund Policy - Safety Policy - Weather Policy - Motion Sickness Policy - Smoking/Lighters Policy - Alcohol/Food Policy - Bathroom/Down-Below Policy- Black-Soled Shoes Policy - FAQs

Itinerary and Destinations

Irie Vibes charters begin with a brief adventure, (to get your sea legs), to the Glebe Bay wildlife area where we have seen bald eagles and ospreys fishing; foxes, muskrats, beaver and otters; and warblers, wildfowl and cormorants galore. Enjoy views from the bow, if you like! Then it's on to the South River where Therapy is already under sail and on her way to the warm breezes of the Chesapeake Bay. Irie Vibes cruises along South River and its tributaries to ultimately anchor in Harness, Broad or Beards Creek, or Glebe Bay, for swimming, picnicking, fishing and paddle board fun - or just R-E-L-A-X! We'll have other water toys too! Meanwhile, Therapy, focuses on the experience of Chesapeake sailing, right by the famous Thomas Point Lighthouse and Annapolis - the 'Sailing Capital of America'. Sailing does not get any better than this! Summer breezes are warm and we've started seeing pods of dolphins too. If winds are light, we're also happy to take you and Therapy to anchor for Watersport fun as well, depending on your preferences. All evening cruises aboard Irie Vibes and Therapy highlight views of the sunset.

Overall, our charters provide a mix of Relaxing Excitement, connection with Family and Friends, and the creation of lasting memories.

Welcome Aboard!